Your brand is alive

OK, so we’ve established your brand is not your logo.

Basically a logo can be designed in 6 hours, a brand takes at least 6 months.

Your brand is like any living thing, it requires nurturing in its infancy, it requires feeding and it continually grows or dies by the love and care you give it. It also grows by the interaction your customers have with it. And this is more critical because they are your lifeline.

So how do you build a strong lifeline?

I think it comes down to 3 parts.

Expectation | Experience | Evolving

Each brand has different timelines between the stages, but all must follow, control and develop the stages.

Expectation. This is what you create as the owner or CEO. This is in the marketing, the advertising, the PR etc. You create buzz, anticipation; an excitement.

Experience. Now comes the part of your customer trying it, whether it be a product or a service. Here lies your customer service, your point of sales and point of purchase material or people. Here is the interaction with your customers. Does the experience live up to the expectation?

Evolving. Why I think this stage is critical but often overlooked. Like most things, repetition becomes boring. I enjoy a Starbucks coffee, but after you have had 3 or 4 during the week, the experience seems to fade because the expectation is no longer there. So I’ll move to Nero’s, then Costa and so on. After a while I’ll probably come back to the start, or I might mix it up a bit. The important thing is, it’s important to evolve so to create the expectation again, so I try the experience, so the brand can evolve again. And so the cycle goes.

As with all these stages, strategies need to be put in place but it’s the design that ignites action through stimulation.

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