Who “owns” your brand

The more I read about brands the more I’m reading your customers “own” your brand.

To be brutally honest, this is absolute rubbish.

BUT in all honesty does anyone, or can anyone actually “own” a brand?

The reason I say this is because a brand is the intangibles in and around a company, and can these be “owned”? Obviously the tangibles are owned, like a logo, a product or even a thought about something but for everything else all you can do is influence.

As the owner, or group responsible for your business and therefore the brand, you ALWAYS steer your brand direction, so is this as close to ownership as you will get? Customers merely have an OPINION of your brand. Now this opinion may not align with your hopes for the brand but this is usually down to unclear or no interaction with your customers, but the only person who can change this is you, the owner(s).

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