Brand vs Branding

To me, there is a big difference between “Brand” and “branding”.

One is the emotional pull, the other is the logical application of pushing it out.

I see these words banded around a lot but quite often the meaning of them is misunderstood. It is all intertwined but its amazing how many companies go straight to the end products like websites, packaging (the branding) without working out their brand value before they start. I know your “brand” is not your logo, and we would say it’s also not the physical applications of things like websites, packaging, etc but it’s the things you can’t always see, like personality, integrity, passion – the things that bring the elements like the website, brochures to “life”.

So please before you fill the world with more junk, please spend some time working out what it is that’s going to bring your products to “life” and you know what, you may find people spend more time reading your brochure, think more positively when looking at your website and it might result in less business cards and mailers being filed immediately in the bin!

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