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A great product with an average brand will be outsold by an average product with a great brand.

There was a bit of a meltdown on Twitter this weekend regarding x-factor (but what’s new there?) and that the “best 2 singers” were in the bottom two and one was about to be eliminated from the competition. Shock!! But from an entertainment brand point of view the person who got eliminated probably had the most average brand. All the other competitors have been in the press constantly, stories written, truth or otherwise it’s seen as entertaining… it gauges an emotional reaction.

I’m sure there’s people still watching believing it’s a “singing” competition where the best wins, but its no longer that simple. It’s played out on many levels, across a variety of platforms and like any good pantomime at this time of year it involves a good dose of audience participation, giving you the belief you can change the outcome, but in truth like all good stories the storyline has already been written.

When I was in advertising I always worked on the basis of “Facts Tell, Emotions Sell” and one of the best ways to get your brand out there is by telling engaging people in an interesting and entertaining way.

Today its about becoming less focused on telling us about the product and more focused on entertaining. A great example of this is the recent Red Bull Stratos jump from the edge of space with Felix Baumgartner. Entertainment that captured an audience and broke many records.

You see commodities and services are ten a penny, and although someone is always producing something a little bit better, or cheaper, or quicker, in truth the improvements are negligible but time is precious, in a world of consumerism, time is still something we can not buy, so we feel we need to spend it well, and that’s on an emotional level.

So if you want to be a successful brand how are you going to create an emotional reaction in an entertaining way?

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